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Garbsen > Product > Smart Power Compnent Multi-function Meter SPC300 Series Multi-Function Meter

Used to fulfill energy measuremnet, management and effiency promotion.

Provide a universal, mul-tifunction solution for HV/LV power distribution system: measure more than 50 electric values (such as current, voltage, power, power factor's min./max./avg. value) to monitor the whole power distrituion system, and also can provide remote control, analog output, fault record, analysis and communication.

Main Features:
  • Multi-function Meter
  • Pass the Hardest IEC-IV EMC Test
  • Modbus and 2-Modbus Interface
  • High Resolution Measuremen: 0.2s
  • Max. 16DI/16DO
  • Direct Connect with 690V Power System without PT
  • 16~400hZ Wide-frequency Supported
  • Modular Design, Flexibile Solution

Widely used in businness building, data center, power plants, steel, water-processing and other industry fields; provide reliable and high-efficient control and protection for the whole distribuiton system.