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SPC340 provide a flexible and multi-function solution for HV/LV power distribution system: it can mearure more than 50 electric values (such as I, V, F, PF, E's realtime value, max./min./avg. value,etc) to monitor the whole system; moreover, it also can fulfil relay output to switch on/off circuit breaker or contactor, anloag output, fault record and analysis, fieldbus communication. Therefore it can help the users to transparently manage the whole power distribuiton system and imporve power continuity and efficiency.

Main Features
  • Multiple function integrated
  • Passed the hardest IEC IV-Level EMC Test
  • Modbus, 2-Modbus interface supported
  • High Accracy: 0.2s
  • Max. 16DI/16DO
  • Auxiliary Power Supply: 85~265AC/DC
  • Auxiliary Power Supply: 18~36VDC (Optional)
  • Plug-in module make application very flexible

Widely used in business buildings, data center, power plants and industry applications such as steel, meturally, petro-chemical, cement, paper-making, water-processing industry. Provide powerful, reliable and high-efficient control and protection for the whole distribuiton system.