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Garbsen > Products > Smart Power Component DIN Multi-Function Meter SPC310 DIN Multi-function Meter

As meter with highest price/performance ratio in SPC300 sereis, SPC310 is mainly used in low-distribution terminal(such as low-voltage distribution box or plug-in box), to fulfill monitor, metering and control.

Main Features:
  • Used in LV Distribution Terminal...
  • Multiple Parameter: 3U,3V,3I,In,ΣP,ΣQ,ΣS,ΣFP, F
  • DIN Installation, Compact design
  • Power Meter: +kWh & + kvarh metering
  • RS485 Interface
  • 1 Relay output(1DO) for Alarm/Control/Pulse Output

Widely used in business buildings, data center, telecom center, hotels, etc, to provide high reliable control and protection to guarantee power continuity.