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SPC100 Smart Motor Controller

As core of SPC series of Garbsen Electric, SPC100 is used to provide all-round solution not only for realtime monitor, control and protection of low-voltage motor control system or power distribution system (50/60Hz,380V/690V, up to 820A), as it appears overheat, overload, under current, blocking/jam, phase imbalance, under power, under voltage, over voltage, ground/residual faults, but also provide analog out, event logging, communication and diagnosis. Thus the power continuity and efficiency can be greatly improved.

Main Features:

  • Pass hardest IEC-IV level EMC test for serious industrial applications
  • Dual-Rs485 backup communication and multi-Fieldbus support
  • ‘2-Protocol+2-Interface’ Supported, i.e. Modbus+Profibus-DP
  • DeviceNet supported, compatible with AB E3/E3PLUS
  • Up to 51st harmonic analysis
  • All-round protection integrated, easy to push on/off
  • High Resolution measurement: 0.2s Accuracy

Widely used in thermal power plant , nuclear power plant, steel making, cement, gas, paper, chemical, metalluary, Petrochemical, water-processing, industry, etc.