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SPC400 LV Frequncy Converter

Based on newest 32-bit DSP microprocessor, CPLD and Mitsubishi's IPM module, SPC400 adopts special space vector algorithm(SVPWM) to fulfill high power effiency and reliability as well as all round protection.

SPC400 include two series : 1) G-Series: for general applications; 2) P-Series: for wind turbine and pumps applications.

G-Sereis can provide heavey torque output in low frequency, automatic/manual torque promotion and fieldbus communication, which make it suitable to used in most constant-torque varied frequncy speed regulation applications. P-Series usually can save 30%~70% power energy for users in most constant-power applciations such as wind turbines and pumps,

Main Features:

  • 32-bit DSP hardware platform
  • Space Vector Algorithm
  • Special Dead-area Compensation Know-how
  • Automatic/Manual Torque Promotion
  • All-round Protection Integrated
  • Lower Noise Level
  • Voltage Damps Decreasing
  • Automatic Power-Saving Mode
  • DC Auxiliary Supply

Widely used in petro-chemical steel, paper-making, water-processing, power-generation and other industrial industry business buildings, to provide high reliable control for motor and effectively promote power efficiency.