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ANT3000 High Voltage Frequency Converter

Power unit in series connection, multi-coil hv phase-shift transformer is adopted which make the output wave is quite similar with Sine waveform; Special vector control algorithsm can fulfill fast dynamic response in constant-torque; Auto adjustment speed up/down time acoording to the work conditions, which can reach the setting frequency or speed as fast as possible without exceed the max. allowed current; Speed-trace function can fulfill startup, speed up/down, stop operation without stop the motor.

Main Features:

  • Low Harmnnics in Output Wave
  • Fast Dynamic Response in Constant-Torque
  • Strong Self-Diagonis Capacity
  • 10.4Inch LCD Touch Panel with Chinese Menu
  • Built-in PLC Make Control Logic Flexible
  • Fieldbus Supported
  • Modularization Make Simple Repairation

Application scope:

  • Power Generation: pumps and fans
  • Mine: drainage pump, circulation fan, mine host
  • Meturally: blower for blast furnace, oxygen machine
  • Petro-Chemical: oil-transmission pumps; compressors...
  • City Construction: water pump, air compressor