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Garbsen > Company > Vision Vision Garbsen Electric is a leading manufacuters which focus on the power-electronics-related product systems: Smart Component for Power Distribution (such as multifunction meter and motor controller), HV/LV Frequency Converter, Solar Inverter, UPS/EPS, Wind Inverter; Most products is used for energy saving and effiency, smart power distribution, new energy application and power reliability..

By close cooperation wth global technical partners, Garbsen’s research elites (most from German and China), can accumulates know-how technology by years' hard work, thus achieve continuous innovations and constantly provide state-of-art products &solutions. Therefore create more values for our customers whereas protection earth and human's living environment.

Awareness of power quality has gained significance in all companies in the past years. Excessive distortion of power quality lead to increased wear and tear in all electrical supply equipment and any connected electrical and electronic loads and can lead to production stoppages as well. Our measuring instruments and systems, therefore, provide valuable information about insufficient power quality and, therefore, enable customers to take measures for the correction of power quality problems. This leads to a longer lifespan of equipment and improved sustainability of the respective investments.

The possibility of allocating energy costs to certain products is becoming more and more important to industrial companies. Garbsen® offers customized solutions for cost centre management.